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Amber & Christian’s Wedding @ Doc Fords Captiva, Florida

Amber and Christian’s wedding was such a beautiful, happy day for all that attended. To say that this couple is madly in love with each-other is an understatement.

Most Love stories begin with love.  Amber and Christian decided to do things a bit differently.  Their story began much earlier, Before love, Before the engagement, before their wedding, Before their beautiful baby boy Liam came into this world.  Their story shows that true love comes in many forms and many times the universe has a way of giving us a glimpse of our future early on in life, this way you recognize it when the time is right.

Amber describes how the met:

“We have known each other for 10 years.” Amber explained. “Christian’s older brother dated one of my best friends in high school. He was always just “the younger brother” and in the beginning of our friendship that is all it was- a friendship.” Amber reflected.

Amber described how they reconnected after a long separation.  When Christian and Amber reconnected, Amber was happily surprised at the Man Christian had grown into.

“I went away to college for a couple of years and then moved back to Knoxville to pursue a different career path. After not seeing each other for a very long time, the first time I saw him I thought, ‘Wow! Austin’s little brother is all grown up (and handsome, too!)”

Friendship is a very important part of a marriage.  If you do not like the person you are spending your life with, then how could you ever truly love them?

We began hanging out as friends and ended up spending every day together. It didn’t take long before our friendship grew to something more.”

Amber and Christians friendship started off strong.  As time went on, like turn into affection, affection turned into Love.  This is the most powerful kind of love because the bond is strong, the foundation is concrete.  Their  Love is SOLID!

As their relationship progressed, they fell madly in love.  They spent as much time with each-other as possible.  Amber and Christian found that they love a lot of the same things.  They both love hiking and the outdoors.  They love the Ocean and spend as much time at the beach whenever they get a chance.

They began flirting with the idea of marriage.  Christian wanted to get the perfect ring, so they went to browse to see what would catch Amber’s Eye.

“We had looked at rings together and I found one that I was absolutely in love with. I knew that we we would get engaged at some point but he didn’t want me to know when it was coming.”

Christian made a plan.  He would not only propose to his Amber, but he wanted it to absolutely take her breath away.  In June of 2014, they  took a trip to Asheville, North Carolina to visit Christian’s  mom and her husband for the weekend.


They began making their wedding plans with a May 2015 date in mind, but faith & desitny had a little plan of it’s own.  A few months  after they became engaged, Christian and Amber found out that their family was about to grow a bit more.

We got engaged of June 2014 with the plan of getting married in May 2015. In October 2014 I found out that I was pregnant with our son and would have been HUGE at our planned wedding date. We decided to postpone the wedding until after our son was born and could be included in all the festivities. On July 14, 2015 Liam Grant Ponce was born and our lives changed forever. That little boy is the light of our worlds.

If you have spent any time with Amber and Christian, You already know that this family is beyond close.  Their love is way too strong for just the two of them.

So once Liam has come into this world, the plan continued.  The date was set for April 24, 2016 and their wedding would be a day that would never be forgotten.

The happy couple purposely made sure that they did not see each other the day of the wedding.  Amber wanted Christian to be surprised and see her and her beautiful gown when she walked own the aisle.

Platinum Florida Wedding Company did a spectacular job setting the scene for their ceremony on Alison Hagerup Beach,  Captiva Florida.

I stood with Christian and their wedding Officiant, Pastor Steve, as he waited for his bride.  Christian wanted so much to be surprised that he refused to look back until it was time.  Just like he waited for the perfect proposal, he waited for Amber his entire life and he wanted this moment to be perfect.


As Amber walked down the aisle, Christian turned around.  His eyes grew wide when he saw his bride and actually Whistled!

The Ceremony was perfect.  Just like their lives, it would not have been  perfect without their son Liam.  Christian picked him up and held him in his arms.

The couple had a beautiful reception with their closet family and friends at Doc Fords, Captiva Florida.  They played a beautiful slide show filled with their photos from their childhood until the present.

After the toasts and first dance, the couple had time for Sunset photos on the beach.  We can not stress how important sunset photos are on your wedding day.  Amber and Christian actually booked an extra hour with us, their wedding photographers, just so they would have those beautiful soft light portraits.

We asked Amber what they would remember the most about their wedding day, and this was what they said.

“We wanted something small, with just family and our closest friends. We will remember just how enjoyable it was to celebrate our marriage with the people who mean the most to us.”

We asked Amber and Christian if they had anything else they would like to add to their Love Story, and this was what they said:

We are so appreciative of all our friends and family who stepped in and helped make our special day one we will never forget! We are also thankful for our wonderful photographers who captured our day beautifully.

Amber and Christian had the wedding of their dreams.  Beautiful beach wedding,surrounded by their family and friends and best of all, their son Liam.  Amber and Christians story shows us that foundations are important.  They built a family on friendship, and love.

Amber & Christians story is also one of timing.

They waited to date until the timing was right,

Christian waited for the proposal until the timing was right.

They waiting for the wedding day until the timing was right.

Their story shows us that sometimes timing is everything and love is always worth waiting for.

Creative Team:

  1. Venue: Doc Ford’s Rum Bar & Grill 5400 S Seas Plantation Rd, Captiva, FL 33924 • Phone Doc Fords Website •

  2. Venue Host: courtesy of Doc Fords • Julie Grzeszak • Phone 239-312-4275  • Email:

  3. Wedding Coordinator: Angie Putch @ Platinum Florida Wedding Company •      Phone 239-297-7132  Email: •                Platinum Florida Wedding Co Website

  4. Wedding Cake: :Publix Bakery  • 3304 Bonita Beach Rd SW, Bonita Springs, FL  • Phone 239-495-1600 • Publix Website

  5. Hair / Make up: Kate @ Kate’s Kuts •  27970 Crown Lake Blvd, Bonita Springs, FL  • Phone 239-947-5283

  6. Brides Gown / Bridal Party Gowns: Davids Bridal • 4224 Cleveland Avenue #8, Ft. Myers, FL •Phone:239-274-0515 •  Davids Bridal Website

  7. Grooms Attire: Belk • Phone 239-415-1015 • Belk Website

  8. Jewlery / Wedding & Engagement Rings: Marks & Morgan Phone 865-769-3850 Marks & Morgan Website


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