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Preparing For Your Boudoir Session

When was the last time you felt Beautiful in your own skin?  You know, that feeling of confidence knowing that you are beautiful!  I don’t mean beautiful 20 years ago, or when you were in high-school, or during that one party when you were 18 and you wore that little black dress.

I mean beautiful NOW.  Because, more likely than not… that memory of when you think you were at your  prime… didn’t match that feeling at the time.  At that time, you probably thought you were flawed and if asked this very same question, you would be thinking of another time in the past.  This is how most women see themselves.  This is a sad and untrue feeling that most of us have. The truth is, You are Beautiful RIGHT NOW.  Not at 18 in that little black dress…. but RIGHT NOW….. and unfortunately, you probably will not realize it for another 20 years.

We can capture your beauty in a way that will make you smile and feel that confidence all over again!

If this is your very first Boudoir Session, you may feel Nervous.  This is completely Normal.  Heck, who wouldn’t feel nervous having their photo taken wearing next to nothing?  Truth is majority of our clients walk in feeling uneasy and nervous but walk out feeling Sexy, Confident and simply Beautiful!  They will chase that feeling all day, and most, all week!  Then, when you get your Sneak peek back, you will feel validated that You are In Fact Beautiful!  You will have a Sneak Peek that will show you how others see you and you will absolutely beg me to show you the rest of the images.

So it is our job to get you from that nervous awkward feeling, to the Confident Sexy feeling.  Some ladies bring a friend (female) for some support.  Some ladies have some champagne for  a little liquid courage… but we have never had the same nervous woman leave our session…. EVER!

Sexy Scale: Our sessions are as Conservative or Risque as you like. We have some clients come dressed in their husbands Shirt and Tie, or lingerie, and others like to go topless. Some are (tastefully) full nude. We leave the decision up to you, and you do not have to let us know until the time of the session. We encourage you to “Be Your Kind Of Sexy”…. That means whatever makes you feel confident & comfortable.

Here are some tips that will help bring the Sexy Out:

  1. Shop your closet for items that make you feel gorgeous.  Heels, scarves, lingerie, panties, bras and any other props you may want to use (scarves, hats, pistol holster)

  2. Use your imagination… and if you are drawing a blank, hit pintrest or even the mall for some interesting ideas

  3. Make sure the items you choose accentuate your best parts!  So if you Got It, Flaunt it!

  4. Bring something special from your significant other:  this can be a tee shirt, tie, even something different like a Gaming Control, or Fishing Pole!  Make your session unique!

3 Days before your session:


  2. Eyebrows:  If you shape your eyebrows, do so now.

  3. Planning a cut or color?  Do so now so you have some time in case you need to have it re-done

  4. If you wax, do so now in order to avoid bumps or redness

  5. Try on any lingerie you are planning on using.  Make sure they fit and remove any tags.

  6. Mani-Pedi:  Not necessary, but if you are planning on it, do it now.

Day of your session

  1. Bath / Shower and shave earlier in the day (in case of skin irritation)

  2. Please use Clear Deoderant

  3. Arrive wearing comfortable clothing (even Yoga Pants).  This will make sure you do not have any red marks on your skin and will make it easier for your first clothing change.

  4. Eat light yet filling before your session.

  5. Make Up:  Go easy on the Black.  The Eyes are the window to the soul, so any eye-shadow is completely fine, but we ask to go easy on the eyeliner.  Some girls go heavy on the black which makes your eyes appear smaller.

  6. Please do not use reflective Highlight on your skin.  Reflective Highlight will bounce the light back and appear to look pure white (almost like white paint on your face)

  7. Hair:  Less is more.  If you wear short hair, you can style it as usual.  If your hair is long, we do not recommend any intricate up-dos as they may look messy by the end of the session.  Less is more in this case.

Most important Pre-Session Tip we can offer is:  Relax.  We are an All female team, and Privacy is our # 1 concern.  Have faith that your images will remain completely private unless you instruct otherwise.  We will try our hardest to make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible.  By the end of your session, you will have that wonderful, sexy, confident feeling that you have been chasing.

Doodle Fly Photography

“Be Your Own Kind Of SEXY”


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