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Wedding Albums



All of our client s receive an Online Wedding Gallery to showcase all of their beautiful wedding images.  Some clients (about 50%) purchase a Custom USB that contains their entire wedding gallery holding 16gb of high-resolution digitals stored into a little beautiful USB that looks like a Credit Card with their favorite wedding image imprinted on the front. 


However, Almost ALL of our clients purchase a Wedding Album within 3 months of their wedding (about 90%).  A little more than half also purchase one or more parent albums as well (about 60%). 

The main reason?   A wedding album is not just another 'book' that you'll own. A wedding album is the very first tangible heirloom that you will create as husband and wife.


Think about this:   After the wedding is over, and the excitement of the day has passed, where will your wedding images be?  Will they be locked on some USB in a drawer somewhere?  If you do intend to store them digitally, how often will you remember to transfer those files when you upgrade your electronics?  Will they be on some old laptop you bought years ago and never upgraded and now can not find the power plug?


If you want to experience the story of your wedding day and be able to pass down that experience to your children and eventually their children then investing in a wedding album is the best decision you'll ever make. 


Digital media gets forgotten about. Images and videos just get lost in the shuffle of everyday life. Your wedding day images deserve to be preserved rather than sitting on a hard drive or a folder on your computer and an album is what allows you to do that.


A wedding album will last a lot longer than anything consumer made. Professionals have access to bookbinders and album companies that non-professionals don't and these albums are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Albums offered by a professional photographer are MEANT to last a lifetime and that is exactly how you should want your wedding day images represented. 



You know just how much your wedding day cost.  Now count all the hours planning, meticulously going over every single detail for your perfect day.  Also, add in the Cost of your wedding photography package.  What was it all for?  Does that investment deserve the final result?  If you understand the value of preserving your most precious memories in physical form then investing in an album should be a no-brainer. 


If you are interested in preserving your wedding day photographs for generations to come, take a look at our Wedding Album Pricelist below and be sure to contact us so we can begin designing your Wedding Album.



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